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* Faisons partie de la solution
* Let's be part of the solution
* An'n mete men pou solisyon


The new Haiti begins here. 

Let's go for the productive attitude.



LEKOL LAVI... Every day is a page, each gesture is a task, every result is a lesson!


LEKOL LAVI: We can all be teachers, we can all be learners. LEKOL LAVI is a movement launched by CARIBBEAN GROUP to mobilize the people in favor of "Edikasyon", a program to promote a change of attitude and develop new reflexes learning to cheer one another.


Its mission is to encourage people to get involved in what is right for them and their community and make every person deserve a "Wow !!!"... Not to say anything bad about anyone.


The administration reserves the right to delete any post that denigrates a person or group, or uses obscene language. Thank you for your understanding!


"LEKOL LA VI, every day is a page, each gesture is a task, every result is a lesson!" LEKOL LA VI, WE CAN ALL BE TEACHERS, WE CAN ALL BE LEARNERS. We are pleased to have you with us on this page. -For all suggestions or additional information, write us at:, 



"LEKÒL LAVI", Pi gwo lekòl anba syèl la / The biggest school under the sky /  Laplus grande école a ciel ouvert.  




"San'n dwe fè" (What should we do), Lekol lavi's first documentary trailer.                                                                                                                 







                                     La visibilité à tout moment

                                      La visibité en tout temps

                                            Be part of it.













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La plus grande école à ciel ouvert

The biggest school under the sky

Pi gwo lekol anba syel la


L'événement star, la fête des créateurs.

chaque année,

le vendredi précédant

les trois jours gras en Haïti,

Stars Parade met sur le podium

les personnalités

de tous les secteurs.

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Célébrations & Evénements

Tuesday, May 1 All Day
Friday, May 18 All Day
Saturday, Jun 23 at 12:00 AM - Sunday, Jun 24 12:59 AM
Tuesday Jul 24 - Wednesday Jul 25

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